Association de Brecourt

Connecting international experts in finance, tax and law.

Association de Brecourt

Welcome to the Association de Brecourt. We are an elite European network of business accountants & law firms.

Our increasingly globalized and interconnected world requires access to international professional accounting, legal and taxation expertise of the highest calibre.

The AdB offers exactly that.

Our network allows our members to maintain their independence and strong position in the international accounting and legal marketplace, whilst adding to and benefiting from our combined expertise.

Knowledge Sharing

AdB members enjoy semi-annual conferences, keeping us up to date on the latest news in the international market


Other than the professional side, our conferences allow our members to meet                          our friends and colleagues

International Network

Our global enables our members ready access to international experts in accounting, law, taxation and finance, providing better services                    to our clients

Tax & Law Services

 Our member firms offer various services,

 both domestically and internationally,                                     including audit and assurance, taxation                                 services, management advice, mergers,                               acquisitions and more